Mission & Vision

"We aim high for you"

The guiding principle is to illustrate the values of BIOMEDICA group:

  • Respect,
  • Reliability,
  • Flexibility,
  • Team spirit,
  • Innovation,
  • "Progressively kakanisch"

The fundamental principles of our company philosophy with respect to the following aspects are summarized as follows:

Customer satisfaction is our most important criterion for success. We focus therefore our customers' needs both in terms of quality of products, prompt and correct supply, comprehensive training and subsequent service as well as to the consideration of a fair price/performance ratio. In terms of customer orientation, it is crucial for our company to recognize the today and tomorrow needs and demands of customers and the market. Therefore we try to build up a long-term and future-orientated relationship to our customers.Especially in times of increased mobility and flexibility, it is our particular concern to establish a close liaison to our clients.

We strive for a flexible, transparent and networked organization with open communication. The clear correlation between individual employees’ targets and their integration into the different processes should support better understanding for the overall concepts and thus strengthen the quality philosophy. EDP-supported processing, which accompanies all business processes should be further developed and refined. Standardization and simplification of processes are decisive to enable an understanding of the function of the entire system among all employees.

Qualified, motivated, responsible and independent personnel are crucial for the success and survival of our group of companies. Therefore, we set a high value on the promotion, further development and training of our employees. Regular rotation within the groups should promote a sense of shared goal orientation.
Mutual supraregional training strengthens the understanding for the global procedures within Biomedica Gruppe and enables closer cooperation between the different companies within the group. Increased emphasis should be placed on cross-company actions.

In a rapidly changing market with an increased number of takeovers and fusions of firms, it is particularly important to have close cooperation with suppliers. Since market-oriented behaviour and success is expected, we are increasingly obliged to place strict standards on our suppliers. In principle we seek for distribution contracts that affect our entire sales area to be able to use synergies between our markets. In terms of independence of Biomedica Gruppe we also place great value on working together with several suppliers of related product groups. This seems to be a useful way to meet the wishes of our customers in the long term without being dependent on a single supplier and thus becoming inflexible. Compatible quality principles of our suppliers, usually based on ISO 9001, enable a continuous and compatible quality policy.

Finally safety and ergonomics at the workplace are also important to us. Evaluation of workplaces and regular medical care at work ensure that employees can work in a conducive environment.